2200 Mile Appalachian Trail in 5 min Video

Wow, just stumbled upon this video on the ol’ Internet today, very cool project and video! This guy, Kevin Gallagher walked the entire 2200 mile Appalachian Trail and took 5 photos along every unique section to show the entire trail in a a short video. It took 6 months! More info on him and his project at the links below. The East coast sure looks different than the West coast, way more deciduous trees is the first thing I notice. I’d love to hike this trail someday, but for now it’s going on the blog as a reminder…

A six month journey along the 2,200 mile long Appalachian Trail, condensed and reinterpreted into five minutes of stop-motion.
A full quality version is available for purchase on DVD. http://anothergallagher.com

Music: smtgltd.bigcartel.com – Stephen Vitiello: Soundtracks.

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1 Response

  1. louise says:

    WOW is right – i (from nz) have always wondered what it looked like, especially after reading bill bryson. thank you – i now want to walk it!