6 Friends Build a Great Cabin in 6 Days

6 day cabin

6 days, 264 two-by-fours, and a $6,000 budget = a place of our own.

I can really relate to what these guys have done. 4 friends, desk jockeys by day, got some cheap land  and built a little cabin on it. They stayed under the 200 square foot permit rule to keep things simple and inexpensive.  There’s just something about getting out in the woods and building your own little outpost of civilization, customizing it how ever you want. It doesn’t have to be much, it just has to be yours (or your friends).

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What I can’t relate to is all this hard work, wow! These guys really busted ass to get this done in 6 days! They even flew in from all over the country for this vacation. I guess the deadline really kept them motivated. Working only 2 days at a time really isn’t the fastest ways to build a cabin ( I know). Especially when you build some mandatory R&R time into the schedule. But building with friends is fun, and mistakes are fixable so enjoy the journey!

6 day cabin

There will always be ways to make your cabin (or anything else) better; but sometimes enough is enough

Favorite quote:

Had we spent a month building the cabin rather than a week, inevitably there would still be months or years worth of potential improvements to be made. Painting, sanding, insulating, decorating, shelving, bedding, seating, heating, plumbing… the list goes on. No doubt we’ll continue to improve the cabin over time, but—with four walls, a roof, and a place to sleep—it has already exceeded our wildest expectations. Sometimes enough is enough.

6 day cabin2

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