A Light Powered by Gravity – Video

Gravity Light

How would you bring light into your home when you are not connected to the power grid?

For many, their answer would be solar panels charging batteries to provide power for light but these two London-based designers are offering a different solution: gravity-powered lighting.

GravityLight, is powered by a weight, that in one motion can provide a half hour of light. It has no batteries to wear out nor does it require sunlight and is completely green to replace or dispose of.

This product is mainly intended to provide light and power for African villages so they can replace their dirty dangerous and expensive kerosene lamps. For the cost of 3 months of kerosene, they can buy the Gravity lamp then run it free, thus saving money every month. Watch instead of read below:

Would you have any use for this light or the version 2 of this light? I’m assuming most of my readers don’t live in Africa… It’s somewhat similar to hand-crank human powered flashlights but much more functional in that, one motion could power it for much longer than those hand-crank flashlights.

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