ArkPak Winner Chosen!

ArkPack Review

Thanks for all the comments and email entries for May’s ArkPak giveaway. I was surprised by how many entered but then again it’s a pretty amazing prize! It was a tough choice to find a worth winner so I took the easy route. I listed the emails and comments in a spread sheet then used a random number generator online, to choose a number between 1 and 96 (the number of entries, comments and emails). Sad to see it go but I have a few of my home made Portable Solar Power Generators to keep me company 🙂

The winner was just notified by email yesterday and just got back to me this morning confirming his entry and address. Congrats Blaine, look for a big package on your porch within the week! No battery of course 🙂 I you want to send a pic of you using the ArkPak I’m sure we’d all be interested.

Happy Sunday!



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