BioLite Stove charges USB devices with FIRE! – Video

Biolite Camp stove charges your gadgets

Check out the BioLite CampStove! This is a cool product for people who love to camp, backpack and would still like to charge their phones, ipods, gps, camera batteries or other USB powered gadgets. Also would be a nice power/cooking source in an off the grid or grid down situation. Solar power works great when there’s sun but in some situations you don’t have time to stop and wait in the sun for a charge and you may be hiking in the trees all day so the sun is not giving you enough power. The BioLite stove lets you top off your batteries while you cook lunch or dinner with just some sticks you find on the ground. I must say I’m impressed with the concept and at $129 it’s reasonably priced compared to other camp stoves or solar panels. I’d love to try one out. Read More or buy on the BioLite Site

What do you think about this idea?

How the Biolite stove works

What do you think about this idea? Comment below!

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  1. John Lambert says:

    Nice product its a lot like the tpod1 check out the website the tpod1 is a lot smaller and and uses a tea light candel for its power.