Blog of the Week: A Restless Transplant #Vanlife

Doesn’t this photo just scream Adventure

A Restless Transplant #vanlife

A Restless Transplant #vanlife

#Vanlife – Photos like this deserve this TagA Restless Transplant Syncro Vanagon


Check out the Restless Transplant Blog.

I’d love to buy a 1986 Vanagon sometime and transplant a subaru 2.5L into it. The engine swap makes them reliable, increases the horsepower and gas mileage, making them so much more drivable. It will happen someday but they are over priced here in Washington and prices are only going up. My co-worker just sold his Subaru/Syncro Vanagon for $30,ooo cash! In the mean time check out A Restless Transplant.

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