Building an ATV Chainsaw Mount

atv chainsaw mount

Have you ever tried to put a chainsaw on a quad and carry it long distances over very rough terrain? If you have you probably realize it’s a pain in the arse to keep it strapped on and secure and to keep it from cutting you.

I had made plans to explore this long forgotten and abandon logging road with some friends with the goal of making it to this lake we could see on google maps, 10 miles away. (I’ll post a video of the trip later)  I hadn’t been past the first wash out but I could see several blown down trees blocking the road. So I knew we would spend all day sawing and riding, sawing and riding. In truth it took a day and a half to go 2 miles. There were numerous trees and 5 washouts that we had to make trails around and back onto the “road” eventually we were turned back by a massive 6th washout and fading light. To be continued….

I wanted to make a ATV chainsaw mount for my quad, that would be easy to pull the saw out and put it back with no straps. Here’s what I ended up with.

atv chainsaw mount

Poulan 16″ Chainsaw shown

Below I there is a 2 part video of me building my ATV chainsaw mount or carrier.

Building ATV Chainsaw Mount video Part 1 of 2

The Test Ride! – Building ATV Chainsaw Mount video Part 2 of 2

Want to buy a mount instead of make one? Go here:

atv chainsaw mount

The chainsaw shown is a 16″ Poulan which fits perfectly on the front of my Yamaha Bruin 4×4 quad.

Launch Small Cabin Gear Site

Poulan P3416 16-Inch 34cc 2-Cycle Gas-Powered Chain Saw

atv chainsaw mount

The knob is the only part I had to buy, most of it was made o scrap steel. Foam pad is a stomp pad from snowboard bindings.

atv chainsaw mount

Make the steel clamps tall enough to fit your saw. I made mine so Aaron’s Still with 24″ bar would also fit.atv chainsaw mount

Top view of plastic inside camp. It helps hold the saw tight without damaging the bar or dulling the chain.

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