Cabin Build Update – 360 Video Tour

(This is a 360 video. You can spin around with your mouse so you don’ t have to look at me.)

Cabin Work Trip

Well I actually got up to the cabin before 2016 ended. This year had to be the least use the cabin has ever had. I only visited 2 times, both in the late fall. Aaron and I went up in late November for our traditional work trip. For whatever reason we find it easier to get work done when it’s cold and rainy.

We had a big “to do” list to accomplish for the weekend. The bare wood on the 3 gable end was getting some water stains on it so I sealed it with some Thompson’s Stain. I used a brush that took forever it seemed but it was satisfying to see it done. After I did the first one I asked Aaron why he bought purple stain! He said it was not purple and would dry more red. Hope so.

Besides the gables we got a ton done on the interior window trims. We found ourselves trying to do fine wood working without a table saw or a nail gun. Determined to use up the rough sawn lumber under the cabin we used every piece we could and tried to get creative with the live edges. We actually ran out of wood and will have to bring some up and creatively match the color now.

The video probably doesn’t show much as it was almost dark when I shot it. Oh well, it was a productive weekend. I made and hung a new shelf and put some metal behind the stove to finish it off finally!

Solar Power Problems

I continue to struggle to get the batteries to fully charge. I know they are all bad but I’m trying to save some money and coax more life out of them. I disconnected the worst offenders and kept only one connected to the system that seemed to be able to take a charge. I fiddled around with a new charge controller that I thought I would love since it showed the incoming power to the batteries. However it didn’t see to show much power coming in even with full sun. Is it wrong or was there some other problem?

More to come on that topic.

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