Off Grid Cabin Update Video – October ’13 – Trim and Water system

off grid cabin trim

We went up to the cabin in October mainly to winterize our new water system. We had to drain the 200′ of flexible water line from the tank to the cabin. The 35 degree slope makes draining it fast but it means we had to climb way up the hill too. There had been a blockage in the system the last time I was there but somehow it fixed it’s self when we were gone. That’s the best kind of fix.

As a bonus we finished the board and batten siding on the other gable end of our off grid cabin. And did a lot of trim work too. Nate started this complicated mitered detail on one window and so I had to copy it on all 5 windows, plus a belly band around the cabin. We need to buy a door that actually fits. Ours is a 2×6 wall door and it’s really not square anymore.

As usual I took a little video of the event. Not as much as usual. How much pressure do you think that is coming out of the 3/4″ PVC pipe manifold? We’re really happy with it. There is still a leak, that once repaired will give us even more. Also we disconnected half of the rain water collection tarp so snow will not crush it.



The hatchet target is still there after a few years. Good times! After breaking over 15 hatchets there is only one that lasts and lasts when thrown at hard objects. It’s a Estwing hatchet with an all steel shaft. Made in the USA of course they aren’t even that expensive when you account for it lasting for your lifetime.


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  1. Tom Blankenship says:

    Its all looking great! I love the water pressure!