Collapsed Yurt Pictures – Crushed by Snow

Collasped Yurt

Collasped Yurt From Top

On January of 2009 we got a call from our neighbor that our yurt had collapsed under the heavy snow. Needless to say we were really bummed! There was not much we could do at that point. I was busy at work in Seattle during the winter and wouldn’t get out there for over a month later. These photos are what we found in March No one was sure when the collapse happened since the steep 2 mile road to every ones property had been blocked by snow for some time but we think it happened with the weather warmed abruptly and poured rain on the 3 feet of snow already on the roof. Many metal sheds and even the roof of Safeway collapsed in the area during this supposed 30 year storm.

wreckage inside yurt

As you can see the collapse was quite sudden and violent as the wood rafters and latice exploded and sent splinters through the other side of the structure.

Collapsed Yurt

Wet Collapsed Yurt

What furniture we did have in there was crushed. The bunk bed held up part of the roof and it didn’t collapse. We were especially bummed since we ALMOST snow shoed into the yurt earlier in the winter but didn’t since we were out of firewood and chainsaw was in the shop. If we had made the trip we may have been able to save the yurt by scraping some snow off the room. Oh well I guess hind sight is 20-20….

Yurt crushed by snow

Yurt crushed by snow

Yes this yurt could have been “repaired” but it would almost be like buying a new one. Very expensive so we think a small cabin with a sleeping loft will suit our needs better and let us add on later. Look for more on the building of this cabin online.

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2 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Such a devastating event. The heavy snow really must have weighed a lot for your yurt to collapse like that.

  2. Misty Mtn says:

    Wow, thanks for sharing that must have been alot of weight!