Getting Ready for Winter – Managing Your Forest

Preparing For Winter - Cutting wood and managing your forest

The Swamp Boss weighs in on how he carefully manages his homestead’s wood resources. He enjoys taking his time to do his chores right and to keep his forest as healthy as possible. He’s been able to find standing dead trees every year and leave the healthy trees for future use.
Preparing For Winter - Cutting wood and managing your forest

This is one mean firewood stack! I really enjoy the Swamp Boss’s smooth relaxing style and he puts out some high quality videos.

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2 Responses

  1. Thats great, glad you guys are all ready for winter. I’m hoping to have time to get up to our place this winter. I’ve got snow shoes now so no excuses!

  2. Margy Lutz says:

    We just finished cutting and splitting our last log for the woodshed. As you know, we don’t have a forest at our disposal (even though we live in the middle of a productive one managed by Western Forest Products). But we do have lots of floating logs and chunks we can gather to cut and stack. Because they float in water, we like to get them in the shed to dry before the rains. We planned it perfectly this year and we are set for lots of woodstove heat. – Margy