Harstine Island & My New Site, SmallCabinGear.com


Harstine PointeThis is a short post, just wanted to share some photos I took walking on Harstine Island the other day. The sun was setting and I saw a beautiful cabin with some gorgeous views of Puget Sound.

Most people don’t know where Harstine Island is, even if they live in Washington State… I know I didn’t before my in-laws bought a house out there. It’s actually the 3rd largest island in Puget Sound and is connected to the mainland by a tiny bridge.

It’s a very rural island and there are a few State Parks on the island. The most popular is Jarrell’s Cove. It’s great for campers and boaters in the summer and is very near the Harstine Pointe Community where my In-laws live.

If you ever want to go back in time to see what the Puget Sound once was 50 years ago, I recommend exploring this South Sound Jewel. Harstine Island Photos from Google.

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New ‘Small Cabin Gear’ Website – Just Launched!

Last but not least, I wanted to introduce a new cabin related web site I started, called Small Cabin Gear. It’s purpose is to gather all the best, coolest, and most-bang-for-your-buck cabin gear all in one place. It’s a very simple site where I’ll post top rated cabin and tiny house related products along with reasons as to why they are so great along with links to learn more.

People can discuss the products, ask questions. If anyone has had a great experience with a item, please suggest it on the Contact page and I’ll post it on the site.

Launch Small Cabin Gear Site

For example: In my experience Solar power related equipment and also generators can be really confusing and really expensive if you don’t buy the right equipment the first time. The site is growing everyday, so check back often.

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