How to Cook on a woodstove – guide

The Boss of the Swamp demonstrates how he can cook delicious meals and heat his cabin all at the same time using his wood cook stove. It’s -29 outside so it’s a great day to stay inside! Just like the old timers have done for a 100 years he’s got a stove with a oven that burns wood. Perfect for a cold day he cooks all kinds of things like pizza and anything really that you can cook at hom. He’s got a newish model woodstove but you can use an really old cookstove if it’s got all the parts.

In rural areas you can probably find one of these for free that no one wants, since they are so heavy you better bring some friends!

off  grid cooking - wood stove cooking cookstove


You can actually buy modern wood fired cook stoves! is one of the coolest sites around and they have everything you thought had stopped being made. You could buy the same water pump your grandfather used on this site. It’s worth a browse…


Here’s the modern propane semi portable new school version (not really comparable):
propane camping oven


Here’s a semi portable wood stove with a cook surface but no oven.

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2 Responses

  1. K.Jozsa says:

    I actually have a cylinder stove, sort of like the last picture. We have an oven that came with that fits in the stove pipe. I have used it for like 7 years as my sole cooking source,even canned on it. It’s really convenient in that it’s light enough I can move it outside when it gets to warm& move it back in the fall. I would recommend it to anyone.

  2. Margy says:

    I wish I could afford the weight of a real woodstove, but my propane model is very nice and a lot less heavy – Margy