Bowerbirds’ Hand-Built Off Grid – Small Cabin Recording Studio

I just stumbled upon this kickstarter project and it’s such a worthwhile one that I thought I’d share it with you guys. Read below about a couple of musicians and a “couple” called the Bowerbirds who are building a recording studio/place to live in the woods of North Carolina. They’re a great band and just don’t make much money touring or selling records. So far they’ve been living in an airstream trailer for 3 years which has afforded them time to tour the country playing music and recording. Now they’re building an off gird recording studio and need help finishing it. Their Kickstarter video and prizes are very cool and I encourage you to donate to this authentic couple. (By the time you read this they may have reached their $28k goal)  Not all Kickstarter projects are legit my opinion but these are not doctors looking to buy a boat for their private island, just a genuinely talent group that wants to keep doing what they do best, putting out great music.

Posted on Tiny House Blog:
We thought some of you might be interested in hearing about our project ( or might want to order music and art made in a tiny studio, for holiday gifts, or just for yourselves, which we’re giving away to funders of the new album.

Beth in front of cabin

Above: We built the whole first story of the cabin without power tools.)

cabin studio

(Above: The 240-square-foot art studio we finished first.)

cabin now

(Above: The 661 square foot cabin-recording-studio as it looks now.)

house plan

Link to the Kickstarter page:

photo blog with more pictures and info, here: , our website can be found here: , and we’re on Facebook ( and twitter (@thebowerbirds).

Here are a couple examples of our prizes:

art foxenvixen



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