Off Grid Living: Mike Basichs’ First Chair Lift Ride

mike basich cabin area 241 1st chair

I was really excited when I saw this and wanted to share it with my followers. I noticed that lately a large chunk of my Google traffic is now coming from searches about Mike Basich and his off grid property called Area 241.

Mike is now riding his homemade chair lift and enjoying the new snowfall by shredding fresh lines on his 40 acres…. WITH SNACKS! I guess that is one perk of making your own chairs for your chairlift. You can add a built-in snack tray and drink holder! I noticed Mike’s chairs have a 300 lb limit which shouldn’t be a problem on his single person chairs. After all they are built for him and his friends…

What a great life Mike has built for himself up at Area 241. I hope his story can inspire you to follow your dreams and not listen to what other say about your goals. Mike has overcome lots of adversity to thrive and do what he wanted to do…. ride fresh lines all day!

Here’s an online picture book Mike made chronically his adventure building his rock cabin on his off grid property. If you’re reading this in your email inbox please click the post to read it on to see all the content.


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