Off Grid Rain Water Collection System Upgrade – Part 2

I had a fun weekend at the cabin. This is what I found when I got up to the tank, two weeks after we setup our simple, cheap off grid rain water collection system. The tank was about one fifth full with 200 gallons of rain water. Watch the video below for the full story. I had a bunch of friends up there so the rain water system wasn’t the focus of the trip like it was last time.


Part 1

Part 2

IMG_5564LOTS of pine needles sitting on top of the bucket, not many got in. These were the first heavy rains all summer so I think they took off a lot extra needles. I doubled up the screen just to be safe since I had extra anyway.

IMG_5563Outside of the tank is muddy, inside is clean and the number says how many gallons there are.

rain water bucket filter

Another shot of the filter bucket, the filler tube is 2″ above the bucket bottom so some sinkers and dirt can settle in the bottom of the bucket and not flow into the main tank.

Outdoor kitchen sink for cabinHere is the start of our outdoor kitchen. It’s a 8′ x 2′ counter with a large sink in the middle. It’s hooked up to the rain water tank with a pvc manifold that will allow expansion for future water fixtures like  a shower, sauna, hose bibs, etc.

IMG_2666Pretty little shot of the lake and water fall.

IMG_2656Canoe anyone?



Rain Barrel DiverterPro Kit If I was at my house I would use a more advanced yet simple rainwater diverter filter combo like this easy to use Fiskars system. For $25 you can add this divert on your down spout and it will filter out leaves and other debris and divert rain water to your tanks or barrels. It fix 2×3″ and 3×4″ down spouts. Check it out on Amazon below.






Rain water downspout diverter filter Fiskars Rain diverter installed on downspout


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5 Responses

  1. Scott says:

    Love the outdoor sink! I found a similar sink a neighbor was throwing away and modeled my hardware based on your design. I’m quite sore, but love the result. Thanks a million for the inspiration!

  2. Nice work. Clean and sweet setup. It’s rare to find something like this without the redneck influence.

    I have a Rain Reserve diverter for my down spout. It does the same as yours. I got it from Sam’s Club. My water demands are a bit higher, so 275-gallon IBC tote tanks works well.

    Rain cutter filters work very well too. They are pricey. Got to shop around to find the deal.

  3. Margy Lutz says:

    Looks like it is working well. We sure are getting enough rain to fill it up ASAP.

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