Raphael’s Smoke Shack in Breckenridge, CO

Raphael's-smoke-shack - Breckenridge

Raphael's smoke shack - Breckenridge

My latest project is to find all the “smoke shacks” or “huts” hidden in the woods inside ski areas. I know there is usually at least one hidden shack or shanty built by skiers and snowboarders hidden inside almost every ski area. I know of a few local ones but have only found one so far. Don’t worry I won’t be posting the location of any. That would leave them open to destruction by the “Man” and that’s no fun for anyone plus finding them is half the fun.

I’ve seen one at Stevens Pass but didn’t bother to hike up the hill to check it out. It’s hidden in plain sight and I understand that’s it’s inside the spray painted rock I saw. A few guys were smoking in front of it when I looked up to spot the landing for a friends jump, that’s the only reason why I saw it. I have ridden right past it for 20 years.

My next smoke hut to find is the one at Snoqualmie Pass, I hear it’s 3 stories tall and has a new window. I’ve got some foggy directions so it’s going to be fun to find one day when the snow isn’t so good. Lots of people know about this one.

Check out these 2 videos below about this smoke hut in Colorado. It’s just out of bounds at Breckenridge. This one is a tree house, built with all natural found materials from the area. It must be pretty strong judging by how many people are inside it in the video.

Other Smoke Shacks from around the country.

Got a photo of your smoke shack? Is it the best around? Send it to me! I promise I won’t ask where it is. Upload photos to Solar Burrito’s Facebook Page.

Snowboarding to Colorado 420 Smoke Shack – Loveland Pass, CO

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3 Responses

  1. Sick! You guys have a ton of smoke shacks in Colorado. That mobile site is rad too. I’ll have to check those out if I ever get to Colorado. Did you make that app?

    I check out the smoke rock at Stevens but it’s wasn’t a cave or anything special really. Alpental has a secret hut but I haven’t found it yet.

  2. Jflo says:

    There is a smoke cave up at Baker, plus there was an actual fort built at one point. The entrance looked kinda similar to second thumbnail image above. Let’s go get blasted! Haha!