Cabin Roof Decking and Tar paper on the roof

This past weekend at the property was a very productive and really fun weekend. All the owners were there and our friends Ty and Kevin were in the area riding dirt bikes and they met us there Friday night. The great thing about that is Ty and Kevin build houses for a living so they know how to do things fast, and correct the first time with out a lot of head scratching and having to think about how to do it for 45 minutes then hoping it was right.

I brought up the huge 5×5 windows on the top of my Jeep rack so those are finally out of my back yard and ready to install. I got all the windows for the cabin so far for $100 not including all the gas and driving around to get them. We still need 2 more loft windows…

Ty started cutting the remaining roof decking or car decking as he called it. (2×6 T&G). They all had to be beveled to meet in the valley, way more work than OSB roof decking but it will be a better look on the inside.

Then on Sunday morning I drove to Shelton to get the Valley metal flashing, $43 per 10 stick! Ridiculous! I also got shorter roofing nails and eve metal. When I got back we realized we didn’t have metal snips so no one wanted to install the valley flashing yet. Then Kevin said we didn’t need the eve angle flashing since we already installed the fascia. I guess I can take back the 7 sticks.

I hope to get the roof shingled and finished by the end of September to be totally dried in by winter. I am going up there with my pops next weekend but its going to be a nice family weekend and I’m not going to have him on the roof that high and that steep! So I think we’ll focus on finishing the sheathing, building wrap then windows. Maybe the siding if we get really lucky!


Our water barrel is empty for the summer, there’s a few inches of water in there that the frogs love but not enough to wash hands anymore. I think I’ll connect our 2nd water barrel for next season and maybe our huge tank even.

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    Great stuff Solar Burrito.
    I have seen your stuff on Country Plans.