TINY YELLOW HOUSE #2- “Gypsy Junker” Recycled Portable Cabin

In this episode of Tiny Yellow House Derek “Deek” Diedricksen highlights the Gypsy Junker, a micro house made from reclaimed and recycled junk. It features a waste vegetable oil heater, wine bottle windows, sleeping space for 2 comfortably or 3 in a pinch. To learn more about this house and Derek’s book visit his blog, RelaxShax.

TINY YELLOW HOUSE #2- “Gypsy Junker” A Recycled Portable Cabin-Shack-Fort-Bunkhouse
I just saw the Tiny Yellow House episode 2 and I love it. I haven’t seen #1 yet but Derek is a great host and the production quality is great. I know because I edit videos all the time at work and it’s tough to pull off something this good and make it seem simple and effortless. His hosting is great. Almost as great as his book that’s out now. It’s got a really long name and it’s full of fun drawings, comic book style. Buy the book and read the blog at RelaxShax.

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