Video Tour of our Property – Cabin progress

Off-grid cabin and Property Tour. Here’s the progress we’ve made so far building the 200 square foot Owl’s Clover cabin kit from Penny Pincher Barns.

Stay tuned for more videos about our Solar Power System and other topics.

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6 Responses

  1. I’m glad I found your blog. You guys have done a lot for only three weekends of work, great job! I featured your blog in my tiny house newsletter and thought you’d like to see it so here’s the link to view it without having to sign up.

    Talk to you soon!


  2. Thanks for the kind words. Stay tuned for seperate videos about rain water collection and our solar power system.

  3. Thanks UrbanRancher. I like your blog too. Congrats on the wind generator, that’s a big score. Let us know when you figure out how to do your tower. Can you make your own with Schedule 40 pipe?

    Part of the reason we’re taking it down is we didn’t build it strong enough. I think it may blow down in the winter once it had a roof on it. When we reuse the logs we’re going to cement the logs into the ground to keep it from racking.

    I was curious how far away is your cabin from civilization. I know you’re off the grid but is your closest neighbor a house or another cabin?

  4. urbanrancher says:

    Looking really great guys, it’s gonna be a sweet cabin!
    That rain shelter would have been gorgeous, it’s a shame you have to remove it. I could really use those logs but dang, it’s too far to drive!

  5. urbanrancher says:

    Hey Guys, looking great!

  6. kithera1980 says:

    Sweet place, it’s good to see the progress you’re making.