Windows in and cabin has Tyvek on it.

Here’s a quick up date on last weekend. Finished up the sheathing, which took way longer than I thought. Mostly because there were alot of triangles to cut. Then we moved on to the building wrap. Got it all wrapped up like a giant Christmas present then and went to eat some Mexican food. so good since I was so hungry. My parents were helping me and we got in alot of work! Then on Sunday we started the windows. Quickly I realzed that the window rough openings were a little too small. I think Nate framed them to the exact size of the windows instead of a 1/2″ extra in each dimension. So we ripped off the sill on 2 off them and cut down the studs below the sill with a sawsall then reattached. It was delicate since we didn’t want to tear the building wrap. Also I was able to swap a bigger window for an extra smaller one I had which fit better on one side.

The big windows had nailing flanges and went in easy and are water tight. $20 off craigslist was a good deal for those. The other 2 smaller ones were free but the nailing flange had been removed so I had to shim them up then screw through the window into the jambs. Huge gaps around those ones so I need to figure out how to caulk/flash those ones. Should have taken a photo…

All in all we got tons off work done in a short time and we worked all day so I am really happy about the progress.

Lowering window sill for window to fit

dragging triangle tyvek piece to top of gable

Caulking cabin window

Caulking cabin window under tyvek at top only


Dad thinking it’s been a long weekend but he wants a cabin too!

cabin sheathing

still putting sheathing up, all the last pieces took the longest

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