Wood Floor Weekend at the Cabin – Video

For those that haven’t been following our project, I’ve been building a 200 square foot off grid cabin with some friends since the summer of 2010.

Before Floors:


It had been 6 months since I saw the cabin, Labor Day to be exact. This was the longest stretch I’ve been away from it and I was worried what I’d find when we got there. As we came up the driveway I didn’t see anything amiss and there was no snow on the ground, everything was great! I was glad to be there since we had the wood floor, 4 guys and all our stuff crammed into Aaron’s 4runner for the entire drive from Seattle.

The goal of the weekend was to install this wood floor or at least get it out of Aaron’s garage. As he put it, he didn’t care if we burnt it. I had my honda generator to generator to run the compressor for the nail gun, we were able to use 2 Dewalt batteries the whole weekend to run the circular saw for end cuts and fire wood scavenging. (no room for  chainsaw on this trip). If we had a 2000 watt or possibly a 1500 watt inverter, we could have run the compressor off the cabin batteries but the Honda’s Eco-Throttle make is pretty tolerable compared to our old one.

Anyway, watch the video, who is reading this anyway?

I apologize in advance for any language you might here in the video.

After Floors
small off grid cabin

Hobo Pie Iron

I got to try out my new double pie iron and it was a big hit. (The one on the left was a single but that’s the image I found.) We had a ton of bread and no propane appliances so we cooked all our food on the fire and this was a great way to do it. Toasted Peanut butter and pepperoni was  a big hit.











Launch Small Cabin Gear Site

Extra Cabin Photos





Trippy Cabin photos of the roof with the wide angle lens


Cabin Loft is 12’x14′ with 7′ of standing room in the middle. The edges are about 20″ high at the wall.


Outside photo with the wide angle. Not sure why it made this line on the photos




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6 Responses

  1. Thanks Yape, We’ll be out there this weekend.

  2. Yape says:

    Checked out your cabin this week. So, I should show up on your game cameras. Everything looked OK. Looks good.

    The guy with the cabin uphill from you.

  3. Gia says:

    Hi there,

    Do you happen to have the plans for your cabin? How long did it take you to build? Please email me at [email protected]


  4. Linton Wells says:

    Cool cabin! Small cabins are the way to go. Please check us out at http://www.amishcabincompany.com for modular prebuilt fully assembled cabins delivered ready to use. Not trailers or mobile homes- no wheels, axles, or chassis. We set them on your foundation. 2 off-grid solar power options available. Made by the Amish in a custom off-grid facility on an Amish farm in Kentucky.

  5. Hi George, I meant to edit out the swearing but I didn’t rewatch it before I uploaded 🙂

    Anyway about the BBQ, it came from a friends house on Vashon Island after they remodeled. Nate works for a big construction company so we can get unwanted materials at times. Most are commercial but some work for us. He got that hardwood floor for us for free. though the labor to remove it, remove nails, haul up there then install wasn’t free. 🙂

    The BBQ is cool since we try not to cook with propane when were camping. I’m sure they sell them on the Internets.

  6. George Stotz says:

    Great video, love that grill, where did you get it?