Cabin Counter Top and Thief Video Update

Solar Cabin Update: Counter Top and Thief Video

Been slacking on editing my cabin videos so this one is from February… Went up to the cabin and was stoked to find all the batteries were fully charged via the working cabin solar system and everything else was in good shape. No one broke in.

I wanted to get a live edge maple counter top installed, that my friend Kevin cut for me and try out my new chainsaw I got from Santa Claus, aka the leprechaun. We haven’t cooked on the countertop yet as we had to leave Sunday afternoon. Our cabin is getting more comfortable all the time, I only wish I had more time to enjoy it!

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1 Response

  1. chuck yeager says:

    Wow! Very cool. I’m planning on starting a cabin up on my property soon too. One of the first problems we have to overcome is to wrestle all the material down an insanely steep unpaved roadway (actually, just a narrow boulder field) and drag it back through the woods about an eigth of a mile. Gotta start somewhere though…Right? Thanks for shareing all your steps.