Cabin Foundation 3d Drawing

Update: I’ve added our 4×8′ bump out to the foundation model to show how it will tie in. We’re going to use existing 4x8x8′ beams from the yurt foundation.

The brown posts will be 4×4 pressure treated and the rest of the lumber won’t be. I made the girders or beams red in the model just so they would show up. The main beam/girders will be 14′ long 2×10’s doubled with 1/2″ plywood in the center to make them a full 4″ and give them strength. This will save us about $100 in lumber costs. I’m thinking about using treated but most people on the forums on don’t and as long as it’s keep dry by the platform I hope it will be ok.

The floor joist’s will be 12′ long 2x6s. This design will give me exactly 200 square feet of platform.

Old drawings:

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