Learn To Build a Tiny House or Cabin – Join a Tumbleweed Workshop Near You!

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Tumbleweed Workshops Coming To A City Near You!

“I really didn’t know what to expect, personally I found it immensely rewarding.
Yes, we learned how to build a tiny house, but the workshop was so much more.”

—Darlene Bauer

We’re visiting major cities nationwide to meet everyone who loves tiny houses, tiny house culture and wants to be part of the “tiny” movement.  And we’d love to invite you to be part of the BIG fun we’re having!

Tumbleweed Houses WorkShop

Want to learn how to build your OWN tiny house and redesign your life?

Do you dream of building your own tiny home, simplifying your life and freeing yourself from hefty financial commitments? But you’re not sure how or even where to start. Not to worry, now we can teach you… at a workshop near you!

Tumbleweed’s 2-day workshop is packed with all the insightful and extensive information you’ll need to design and build your very own tiny home—setting you on a path to a simplified, environmentally-friendly, economically-balanced life-style.

Skillfully presented by actual Tumbleweed home owners/builders—who happily share their stories and experiences on subjects such as choosing the appropriate trailer base, selecting green materials, and the importance of using the right tools etc.—these workshops cover every aspect of tiny house building and living.


Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn at the workshop:

  • How to design and build your home in the most cost effective manner and how to save money during construction.
  • The 14 tools that you need to build your own tiny home.
  • How you can build a house on a trailer or standard foundation.
  • Detailed information on trailers; from flatbeds to utility trailers to car haulers, including standard trailer sizes and weight capacities.
  • How to select the best materials and which ones to avoid.
  • How to frame and sheath your home.
  • Siding techniques: what works best, what materials you can use, their energy efficiency benefits, and how to apply them.
  • Insulation and venting techniques and why some types of green insulation don’t work in a tiny home.
  • Guarding against condensation, one of the key issues with small homes.
  • Roofing techniques that will ensure you properly protect your home.
  • Appliances. What types of home heaters, water heaters, kitchen appliances and toilets you will need.
  • Building code restrictions and zoning laws.
  • Sizing: kitchen cabinetry, door sizes, shower sizes, toilet sizing and how to get more compact choices for your tiny home.
  • Which jobs you can handle and when you should call in a professional.

You’ll be provided with comprehensive, detailed information on tiny home building that you can’t learn anywhere else—and you’ll get to meet many other like-minded people in a fun and engaging setting.

At the end of the 2-days you’ll have a much better understanding of the skills needed and what it takes to design and build your very own tiny home. You’ll leave feeling empowered, excited and ready to start your new Tumbleweed journey!


But… if you’re still not comfortable designing your own house yourself then we have plans for that too. Literally. Check out our Home plans and House-To-Go plans right here on this site, and if you purchase a set of plans AND want to attend the workshop, then your price for the workshop will only be $89! And remember, Tumbleweed’s Design Services team will be happy to customize any of our plans to suit your needs and make a simple, tiny house your perfect home.

So join us at an up-coming Tumbleweed Workshop and start redesigning your life. We look forward to seeing you there!


Take a peek inside our workshops…


What Are Tumbleweed’s Workshop Graduates Saying About Their Experience?

“The conference was fantastic. Thank you again, for everything!”—Jaclyn Zagar

“I found that one of the most valuable parts of events like these are the people you get to meet. It’s not very often that I get to be in a room of 20+ like minded people…”—Alex Pino

“Thanks for a VERY informative and interesting workshop in Durham, NC.”—Linda Brett


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