A short Film about Alternative Builder, Lloyd Kahn

This really makes me want to see a longer film doc about Lloyd. I think his life and the story about his wonderful publications could support an hour or so documentary. Speaking of support, support Shelter Publications, Lloyd’s business here.

drift wood door handle?

drift wood door handle?

After I saw this about a year ago, I started looking for wood to make a handle like he made in the video. I found a few around Lake Cushman that had been washed up on the beach. Lots of knarly sticks in strange shapes. I’m not sure what type of wood it is but it’s interesting. I was able to cut at least 1 good handle like his. Still haven’t installed it.

About the Film, From Lloyd’s Blog:

In April, Jason Sussberg, a documentary film graduate student at Stanford, along with friends, made a 6-minute film of us and our home. They shot the film in 16mm film — pretty unusual nowadays. I asked Jason why film, and he replied:

“It was shot on 16mm color celluloid and telecined (scanned/color-corrected digitally) and edited in a Final Cut Pro (a non-linear editing software). The 16mm color film fits the subject and architecture quite well– both filmmaking and DIY homebuilding are beautiful artisanal crafts that are fighting for survival in a changing world. Film just looks better– better colors, textures, motion interpolating and feeling!”

It has been shown at the Chicago International REEL Shorts Film Fest, San Francisco Documentary Festival, Big Sky Film Festival, Cinequest Film Festival and Nevada City Film Festival.

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