October Cabin Video Update

Hi Ya’ll, Thanks Deek of RelaxShacks.com for the email blast. I’m eagerly awaiting your new book, I have your current one. My co-worker saw you in Make Magazine so congrats!

The video cabin tour this summer was popular so here’s another one that I did this week on a cold but sunny October day. Watch part 1 and 2. To update everyone this is still a work in progress but it’s a 200 square foot off grid cabin built on a post and pier foundation similar to a shed but also has house like features. For those of you boaters out there that’s a 1968 Johnson 3hp fordable outboard motor on the back of that canoe. It was my grandpa’s and it still screams!

This weekend we put in “Bird Blocks” aka the boards that go between the rafters where they meet the top of the walls. Also I put in 1 of 3 window that will go in the loft. Now there is light up there, before it was ver dark.

We didn’t plan on staying the night so we had 1 sleeping bag for 2 people and a dog to keep warm, 35 degrees outside that night. That is when that huge heater wasn’t running. I turned it off before we went to bed so we didn’t die of carbon monoxide poisoning… I don’t think that’s meant to run in enclosed spaces but the cabin is pretty loose right now. 😐

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  1. Brent says:

    You are getting a long way… Good to see you are getting the pad more weather proof. Nice work!