Powell River Float Cabin

Margy and Wayne’s floating cabin near Powell River, British Columbia, Canada has to be one of the first cabins I saw when I first started researching small structures around 2007. Wayne is a writer and had a podcast at the time. They have such a cool setup that mixes boat life with cabin life.

Thier off-grid cabin floats on a cedar raft of logs and is permanently attached to shore with heavy steel cables. It also draws water right out of the lake. For their power needs, they have a few creative sources, including solar voltaic, wind, and TEG Technology. As if that were not cool enough they have a floating garden.

Floating cabins are popular on the lake and speak to the area’s history of logging. Years ago logging camps were built on floating cedar log rafts and housed all the men and cooking facilities for the logging operations. Then when the logging operation had to be moved to the next job they were simply towed by tugboat to the next job. This solution is perfect for an area where steep hills run straight into the water.

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