She Built Hawaiian Bamboo House for $11,000

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Kristie Wolfe bought land in Hawaii sight un-seen for $8000 then arrived a year later with power tools in her luggage. With help from mom, this dynamic duo built this lovely 2nd house in the Hawaiian jungle for the an amazingly low price of $11,000 in 2 months. Thank you for another great video! They find the best projects.

Build Your house for $5000

Building her own home meant that Kristie was able to design everything custom: from a toilet-sink to save water (she’s not only off-grid, but she relies on rainwater capture for water) to an indoor/outdoor shower with cork-bark tiling. Whether she ever moves here permanently or simply moves on to building yet another home, she now knows she can build her own shelter.

Filming credit: Ivan Nanney at Travel Movements

Small Cabin Gear Site

Building your own Hawaii minimal house

Building your own Hawaii minimal house

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3 Responses

  1. Solar Burrito says:

    I don’t think she lives there, it’s her vacation house she rents out when she’s not there. She does have a youtube channel with some updates like a sink and ice box with drain. Not sure if she has a stove?

    Kitchen updates and pulley system:

  2. Jeff says:

    Is there a way to email the person in the video?

  3. I really admire what she has done. I was wondering what she did for cooking. Did I miss that part?