Small Cabin Building Costs- Budget

2 feet of snow at Camp Taint March 2012

Our Cabin so far as of March 2012

The cost of building a small cabin

Many people have asked how much our costs are so far to build this cabin, because they want to plan similar projects and budget for them. … The short answer is right around $5600 I think right now. Though this is the first time I added it up in my mind. I’m sure there are dozens of trips to home depot I’m missing.

The kit was around $4800 including tax and we’ve made some changes. This included the lumber for the cabin, OSB wall sheathing, 2×6 t&g roof decking, Tyvek building wrap, siding, facia, asphalt roofing shingles, tar paper, delivery.

Added about $155 worth of 2×4’s to raise the loft 18″
– Nail gun nails for framing (2 boxes) – $64

The foundation wasn’t included and is expensive even though we got the 3 4×8 beams for free. (friend with sawmill). We re-used the pier blocks and had PT 4×4 posts but had to buy the
– 2×6’s and all the Simpson brackets so that was $150.
– Then 3/4″ plywood was $165.
– Teco nails $25
– Galvanized Lag screws for bracing $20

– 7 Vinyl windows off Craigslist (we can only use 6) – $100.
– Pre-hung used wood door off Craigs list – $40

– 2 vinyl loft windows – $80

– Caulk, shims, staples, screws, roofing tar, 5# roofing nails – $47

– Valley Roof flashing 3 -10′ sections – $130 (this might go back as I’ve seen Home Depot has better price)
– 10# roofing nails – $22

Dang it’s adding up faster than I thought, the total at the top might be low actually but you get the idea. Your major costs will add up and vary hugely when you buy windows and doors and the finish materials for inside. Like flooring and wood paneling etc. Being flexible and buying stuff of Craigslist could save you thousands. Also we are not plumbing or wiring it right now. Between the 3 of us we have enough romex to put some 12volt lights up. (copper is so cheap right now BTW).

Let me know if you have any specific questions and I’ll try to answer them.

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2 Responses

  1. Good to know. We’d like to use cedar shakes for all the siding but man that stuff it EXPENSIVE! I wish I could find a sawmill that sold it cheaper. Your cabin look great Yonderosa. I can tell you knew what you were doing when you made yours 🙂 Unlike us, but I know I learned alot. I now feel confident I can build more things. I wish ours was more rustic… maybe those free 1″ thick cedar shakes on the gables will make it look that way!

  2. Mo says:

    Here’s ours for comparison:

    $3500 for the shell, including the foundation, lumber package, roof, door, deck, (all delivered) building permits and sales tax. 25% of that is permits and tax…

    The siding, trim, soffit and windows were another $1500 including the paint and more tax.

    We could have saved some bucks using OSB instead of plywood, going with lower grade dimensional lumber and using different siding but the difference wasn’t enough in our opinion to offset the value in our estimation.

    The simple design saved us some $ and sped the construction. A bit plain but very functional.