Sneak Peek at Lloyd Kahn’s New ‘Tiny Homes On The Move: Wheels and Water” Book

Lloyd's Kahn's "Tiny Homes On The Move: Wheels and Water" -a Sneak Peak!

My two favorite authors in one place,┬áDeek Diedrickson and Lloyd Kahn talking about Lloyd’s new book, “Tiny Homes On The Move: Wheels and Water”! Wow I guess it’s been a few years since Lloyd’s last book came out, but the way he makes books takes a long time, so I was surprised to see this one almost out. He’s got to find these unique cabins and house trucks, contact the people then go photograph them. That all takes time. Spoiler alert, if you liked to be surprised, this is a long “peek”. I stopped the video halfway because I want to save the sunrise for when it’s in my hot little hands.

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