Security & Power for Remote Off Grid Cabin – VIDEO

[Video Below]
I posted a log cabin building video from this guy last year. He’s taking us back and showing off some cool cabin features he made. He’s got a creek above the cabin that provides water pressure and powers his micro hydro system powering a single florescent lamp, no battery in between which I thought was cool and interesting. He also talks about how his cabin is weathering having been built like they did 150 years ago with site gathered materials. The cedar roof is keeping the cabin in good shape and no critters have gotten into this one that happens to be perched on the side of a cliff.

I was especially impressed with his security system that uses a FRS radio and a magnetic door switch to alert another radio if the door was opened with in the 25 mile broadcast range. Apparently he lives within 20 miles line of site from the cabin. Not that he has much to steal but I think he just does it to see if anyone ever checks out the cabin which is built in a very remote location on what may be public land.

One thing that I plan on adding to our cabin eventually is the copper coil he put in the stove pipe to heat water for his shower behind the cabin. Hot water heated from the waste heat from a wood stove sounds like a cool and useful way to get clean. Flipping through Lloyd Khan’s Shelter book series I’ve been inspired to build a rustic wood fired sauna in the woods on our property and I think I want to incorporate the shower in the sauna so that you can take an indoor shower/sauna in the winter or and outdoor hot shower in the summer.

Hand Made Hot Water Systems

Hand Made Hot Water Systems

A few years ago I found this gem of a book on Amazon. It’s called Hand Made Hot Water System’s and it’s got to be out of print but the ideas and drawings in it are priceless.

I think it’s 30 years old but it’s got great ideas in there that could save you lots of money on heating your pool, pre-heating your hot water heater or heating your shower directly.

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