Sun Ray Kelly – Hand Made Houses in Washington – Video

sunray kelly

Sun Ray Kelly has been getting pretty popular in the last few years! He’s got a article in the New York Times and an episode of Cribs on MTV! His houses were pretty famous locally too while growing up in the Skagit Valley, North of Seattle but I never met the man. As high school kids we’d drive up the long gravel road to his property check out the “Wizard Houses” as we’d call them then speed away before anyone saw us. We thought whoever must have built these magical structures would not like us looking at them. We we’re wrong. Now I imagine he would have quite happily shown us around.
Below are some photos, a video and a link to dive into the wonderful of Sun Ray Kelly, natural builder extraordinaire. His creativity is amazing, and he’s actually building these structures, not just drawing them. He travels the world building for other people.

Get more info on Sun Ray Kelly at:


StumpHouse1_493_493_90The Stump House, available for rent nightly

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3 Responses

  1. Steve Childress says:

    Met this Man in the early 80’s. what a cool man of the earth he is .. Later married his sister Pola. It’s great to see his further works over the years.

  2. vstanley says:

    Old Hippies never die,they move to Seattle.?
    They are really imaginative.
    Built in a time or area before code enforcement.?
    Hobbit Habitats.

  3. The real deal indeed. I’m sure if you could spend a month with him it would change your life this guy operates on a different frequency and its beautiful to watch.