“The Chairlift Chronicles” Part 1 – Mike Basich – Area 241

Area 241

“The Chairlift Chronicles” Part 1 from 43 Productions on Vimeo.

“The Chairlift Chronicles” Part 1 from FLOW SNOWBOARDING on Vimeo.

Mike Basich and Flow Snowboarding just released a video series chronicling his latest project on this 40 acres near Lake Tahoe. Mike’s building a homemade chair lift out of old rope tow parts from Kingvale, military surplus engines whatever trash he can find on the cheap. Mike is not one to take shortcuts or build things carelessly but he’s got the mind of a mad scientist so he’s able to make stuff from nothing instead of spending millions on a chairlift. He’s got rocks for counterweights and snack trays on the lift.

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