The Roof Is On

Finally the roof is on and the cabin is officially dried in! (warning crappy photos they were an afterthought)

The weather forecast was RAIN RAIN RAIN all weekend but Nate and I said we were going to put the roof on the cabin and us Washingtonians don’t usually let the weather change our plans. Nate brought his roofing nailer and better compressor along with some nails he found and we were off.

Miraculously the ferry ride out there was a bright sunny day almost 69 degrees and we were in our Tshirts on the back deck of the ferry loving life.

We got there and saw that the cabin roof with just tar paper on it had been leaking pretty bad with our recent rain storms. It was leaking in both roof valleys with one having a puddle of standing water inside. Good think we were putting a roof on this weekend. We cranked up the genny and setup some ladder jacks we borrowed and started roofing the back side of the cabin which is the easy and biggest side. The pitch is 12/12 so it’s very steep. Nate was on the roof and I was cutting shingles to size and bringing them up to them.

No pics of the back side getting roofed since we were in a hurry and I wasn’t worried about pics. Then about 3pm when we were almost done with the backside the rain started and the sky got so dark I though it was 7pm… Oh well I guess that’s what they predicted. We both found some rain gear in the shed and moved on to the steeper slope on the front side. We got the 1 valley of the front side roofed by midnight then called it quits. We both were roofing in the dark and the pouring down rain with a tiny light powered by the generator…. good times… haha. But it had to get done and we were running out of hours.

By this time I was totally soaked so we moved inside, installed the door and cranked up the 35,000 btu propane heater then went to bed.

In the morning roof lines actually look pretty good. haha

Anyway this is a long post and the pictures are pretty boring they were taken Sunday afternoon…

Lesson learned: Don’t use roofing nails to hold in roof jacks! Nate tried this 3 times and 3 times it eventually blew out and he luckily slide into the ladder every time. Scared the shit out of him though! 4th time’s charm and he used some 16Ds. Didn’t pull out.

Siding is next. t1-11 on the lower 8′ then rough cut cedar shakes for the gables. I already found the shakes for free.

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2 Responses

  1. Thanks Alison! It’s really warm and cozy inside too. It was nice to sleep in after we were soaked roofing all day/night.

  2. Awesome! You guys are getting so far. Congrats!