Wood fired Hot Water Heater

Very interesting, I need to find out more about wood-fired water heaters. Let me know if you have any information on them.  This company  makes the coils you can add to your wood stove to heat water. http://www.hilkoil.com/

water heating wood stove

water heating wood stove

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  1. Hey,

    My woodstove/cookstove ( an Enterprise King ) sells an attachment that can go into the cookstove as is..so it can be used to heat hot water as well as heat and cook off of. I know that having it installed voids the insurance coverage though. In the back of the stove are 2 plugs where the in/out of the water heater source and heated water go. I did not get it for 2 reasons..the insurance as mentioned as well as the fact that I don’t have a hot water heater that stores water..all of my hot water is stored in the well…sure its cold but the instantaneous water heater takes care of the hot water as we need it. From last dec-july it used $20 worth of propane to heat water for showers and dishes. Mind you I do shower at the gym 3 times a week already so it might be $35-40 if I were showering everyday at home.
    If I were thinking of wood heat for water I would consider solar hot water…systems always availible secondhand online for really cheap and if you have done plumbing before it is fairly simple..plus if you rig it with a solar pump you don’t need any electricity on many days of the year..perfect for off-grid…plus, if you have something like a hot water radiator it can heat your house too. I have limited space so there is more to consider with purchases. hehe