Cabins of Government Camp, Oregon

government Camp Oregon

Government Camp Oregon in the Winter

I was down in Government Camp, Oregon aka “Govy” for a work snowboarding trip last week. The main goal was to test some 2013 snowboards at Mount Hood. Unfortunately I hurt my back the first testing day and had the whole week to down there trying to rehab my back. To kill some time I walked around the tiny but awesome town and snapped some pics of some old cabins and interesting architecture down there. Some pictures below were taken the local cultural center and show a family that built 40 cabins in the area. They were known for they’re woodcraft and rustic Oregon style of architecture. The door pictured was had made and featured a wood lock.

The town has a snowboard camp in it that attracts dozens of kids to “Govy” all summer long.  It also has tons of history, being one of the first settlements of the west and the last part of the Oregon Trail.


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  1. MJ says:

    Wonderful photos of a place I never heard about…thanks!