Dan Price Lives for only $5000 per year in his special way

Well first off Dan Price is a very unique guy. Still waters run deep and he may very possibly be the REAL “most interesting man in the world”. Never mind the beer guy. Dan knows what he wants and how to edit his life on his special homestead. He’s built a very unique life for himself in several tiny underground structures on the side of a hill in Oregon.

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His life is not for everyone but I encourage you to sit through this entire video and learn about Dan’s life. He’s been a news photographer, he traveled the world writing and illustrating a magazine called the Moonlight Chronicles. For 10 years his magazine was sponsored by Simple Shoes and he put out 77 issues all from his underground studio.

What strikes me is how normal yet abnormal Dan is and how neat and tidy his place is. He really knows what he wants and need in his life. Toward the end of the video he shows us his sauna and shower down by the river and his unique property he’s renting gets even more interesting.

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Dan Price Living on only $5000 Year

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Dan Price Living on only $5000 Year

Dan Price Living on only $5000 Year

Dan Price Living on only $5000 Year

Dan Price Living on only $5000 Year

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  1. elreypodencoIvan says:

    Nice house. Simple and peacefull.