Living Off the Grid in New Zealand’s Fiordland Paradise

Warrick Mitchell lives in Fiordland which is one of New Zealand’s most remote regions. His homestead is accessible only by boat or plane. Fiordland is separated from the rest of the vast country by a massive mountain range. So Warrick lives both among the mountains, rivers, forests and the sea! Wow what a special combination of climates and eco-systems. It allows him to both live off the land (hunting) and the sea (fishing). ¬†This video is produced by one of my favorite channels Great Big Story.

Living Off the Grid in New Zealand

Beautiful rivers need crossing.

His homestead is only accessible by boat or plane and site within a very unique ecosystem.

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Photo of the homestead which is pretty comfortable. Powered by solar power and using rainwater collection it has a huge walk in freezer which I assume take a large generator to power at least part of the time.

Another benefit of living in this region is huge surfable waves right near his home.

Heading out of the river towards the coast in search of tonights dinner.

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