Subfloor and Bracing goes on.

This past Saturday I awoke in Seattle to heavy clouds. I knew I was going out to the property alone that day and was hoping for a good stretch of Spring weather for the day…. Yeah right? I got out there after a 90 minutes drive and the rain only got heavier and heavier as I approached Hood Canal. If it’s raining in Seattle it’s usually raining harder here… I knew that but was hoping it would be different today.

I was hauling 7 sheets of 3/4″ plywood up to the site on my small trailer to use as subfloor for our cabin. Also on the agenda today was to brace the platform from racking side to side and front to back with some angled braces.

It rained as hard as I’ve ever seen rain come down! It rained like it can only rain on the Olympic Peninsula. A mist consumed where I was on the hillside. At 2pm I could barely see the marks I was making on the wood to cut. After a few hours he rain was soaking through my snowboard coat so I switched to rain gear I found in the shed. Working through the rain I cut some 4×4 P/T braces for the legs to the beams and screwed them in with 2 galvanized lag screws on each end. Galv screws seem expensive, $.75 each and I was only using 3 1/2″ ones. They add up when using 3 per brace. But I guess it’s the foundation so it’s worth it.

Wishing I would have gotten better photos but it was raining so hard I didnt’ bother. 90% of the subfloor is down, I need to cut off the edges and cut one piece in have and nail it down. No pictures of it Glad I staggered the plywood this way as it made for less cuts.

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