Free 3D Cabin Foundation Design – Easy & Cheap

This is the foundation that our Small cabin from Penny Pincher Barn Company will go on. We ordered the Owl’s Clover kit. It’s a 200 square foot mini-cabin kit. The 4×8 bump out make it exactly 200 square foot vs other plans that are 192. I’ll take the extra 8 feet! Anne from Penny Pincher Barns has been awesome to deal with and we can’t wait to get and build our cabin! Apparently we are the first ones to build this model so we got a discount if we promise to take pics for their site. Of course I will!

The dimensions of this platform are 12′ x 14′  not including the 4×8 bump out.

Owls Clover Cabin Kit from Penny Pincher Barns

I drew these cabin foundation plans with google sketchup to give me an idea of how much materials to buy and get an overall idea of what it would look like before we built it.



Here’s what I want the cabin to look like at the end!

3d small cabin/ tiny house with deck and porches


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6 Responses

  1. RDLong70 says:

    Ah’ha! I found them at Lowe’s way back outside. They don’t keep them with the other concrete blocks and materials. Which seems odd to me, but anyways. I might be building something soon. =P

  2. RDLong70 says:

    East TN here. I’m 2 strikes at the local Home Depot and Lowe’s. They might have sold out of stock since Spring has popped in, I’m not sure. I just took some looks around I didn’t see any. When I have some more time this weekend I’m going back to take another look. Thanks for the reply.

  3. We reused ours from the yurt foundation but I bought others at Home Depot and pretty much any lumber yard. They come in a few ways, non adjustable with the bracket in the cement like ours or adjustable with a galvanized bracket separate. Where are you that you can’t find pier blocks?

  4. RDLong70 says:

    Great blog. Looking forward to updates. I wanted to ask where you purchased your concrete deck blocks from? I’m looking around my area without much luck. I can make some, but would rather save some time and mess. Thanks and keep on posting!

  5. It was just under $5000 with the $600 house conversion package including taxes. This doesn’t include doors or windows. We got those for almost free from Craigslist. You should talk to Anne from Penny Pincher Barns, she is very nice and can give you a quote. I put our deposit back in Fall of 2009 so lumber prices may be different back then.

    You should know that this “kit” doesn’t come precut so we had to learn how to frame. But there are many good books out there and it’s a great skill to know.

  6. seeve says:

    Do you mind me asking how much Penny Pincher charges for this kit?? My partner and I have embraced simple living and are exploring our options of tiny houses. We just got an old school travel trailer that we plan to live in but are thinking about getting a tiny house as soon as we can afford one! I really like your blog! we aspire to be off the grid someday as well!!!!!