Young Tahoe Couple’s Hand Crafted Off Grid Cabin

   Name: Tim Eddy and Hannah Fuller Location: Tahoe, California Size: 196 square feet Years lived in: 1.5 years; Owned Hannah grew up in a home her parents built (her father is a boat builder), so it was only natural for her to follow in their footsteps. Tim, on the other hand, has never built(…)

6 pack of DIY Cabin Plans – Build Your Own Cabin

The tiny house plans you’ll find here are drawn with do-it-yourselfers in mind. We keep the prices low to help people get a leg-up on their own tiny house dreams. Inside each of the plans you’ll see how tiny houses are framed with step-by-step illustrations. If you like what you see below consider getting our(…)

Epic ATV Ride to Secret Lake -Video

I call this an epic ATV mission because it felt that way. I kinda undersold it to the guys, we were planning our lunch by the lake for weeks without knowing HOW HARD the “road” was to get there. Google maps (can’t show you the location) showed a some kind of road which I knew(…)

Replacing Solar Charge Controller in Off Grid Cabin – Video

We went up to the Cabin to check it out after the winter and to try to reach this lake we had seen on Google Maps. According the google maps there were dirt roads that connected to this lake 10-12 miles from our cabin and about 9 miles past a washout I knew about. Stay(…)

Building an ATV Chainsaw Mount

Have you ever tried to put a chainsaw on a quad and carry it long distances over very rough terrain? If you have you probably realize it’s a pain in the arse to keep it strapped on and secure and to keep it from cutting you. I had made plans to explore this long forgotten(…)

Video: The Opposite of Cold – The Northwoods Finnish Sauna Tradition

Here’s an interesting video about the tradition of Finish Saunas by Finish settlers in the Great Lakes region. I’d sure like to build a cordwood sauna on our property someday. It seems there’s never enough time. Maybe I’ll build the frame and roof this year then walls another year. Winter isn’t over here, I could(…)

Sneak Peek at Lloyd Kahn’s New ‘Tiny Homes On The Move: Wheels and Water” Book

My two favorite authors in one place, Deek Diedrickson and Lloyd Kahn talking about Lloyd’s new book, “Tiny Homes On The Move: Wheels and Water”! Wow I guess it’s been a few years since Lloyd’s last book came out, but the way he makes books takes a long time, so I was surprised to see this(…)

Very Special Log Cabin Tree House in Colorado

This one of the best looking tree houses I’ve seen in a while. The construction and setting among Colorado’s high altitude Aspen trees is really what makes it extra special. The architect Missy Brown, searched each on of the clients 250 acres near Vail, Colorado to find the perfect location. She also had a goal of(…)

Solar Powered House Truck from TinyHouse Talk

So I had to share with you this amazing solar powered box truck conversion home That I saw on Tiny House Talk recently. It was hand built by Joseph Tayyar who was tired of the hustle and bustle of the city life. Box trucks can blend in better to cities than RV’s or caravans as(…)

Build Your own Portable Solar Generator for less than $150

I moved this post to it’s very own page. Read how to build your Portable Solar Power Generator. Want to build your own portable solar power generator to take with you on camping trips or for use in an emergency? I’ll show you how below, it’s easier than you think. Goal Zero’s version of this(…)