DIY log ladder to cabin loft – Video

I made this “Stadder” last weekend, aka ladder combined with stairs. The goal was to allow people to climb up into the cabin loft barefoot and with no hands. We don’t have much room for real stairs. The loft ladder in our shed is also homemade and really painful on the feet, standing on 3/4″ of board isn’t that comfortable. It was a sunny day, which has been really rare around here. Too much rain on the weekends. The video is pretty slow at the start but stick with it, it picks up as I drink more coffee! I sharpened the chain saw 2 times to cut the log! I could tell when it was sharp because the shavings were really long.

Watch the Video below.

This piece of rebar is there because, this was a vertical log that held up our log shelter. The rebar went into pier block.
We had to tear it down since it was too near the cabin but we’ll be re-using all of the logs.

That’s about as strait as I could get with out cutting the rebar.

completed log ladder

completed log ladder

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