Solar powered water resistant iPod Stereo Video – DIY

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  2. kick ass very inventive.I dig your site.
    keep trucking…

  3. Grant Wagner says:

    Hehe, that looks like what, a 3 watt panel? I love using headphones (as long as, or especially really good ones), and 3 watts of solar over 6 hours should power a iPod and a pair of good headphones for a week.

    Still, it’s a great project beautifully done. If you want to get a few more hours out of a charge, look for a class D amp kit. That will most likely be about 20% more efficient than that car stereo amp. Those things aren’t know for power efficiency.

    • sola9986 says:

      Thanks Grant, it’s a fun project. I’ve got more ideas for the next one. I want some ipod controls on the outside or even a remote so I don’t have to risk the ipod being exposed or in my hand on the boat.

      Or even a stereo made out of a log.

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