Moonshine? Making your own liquor…

Anyone want to make their own liquor? Of course you do, this country was founded on it.

What does Moonshine have to do with off the grid tech? A lot! If you’re in the middle of no where you gotta make your own for personal use of course. Maybe to trade for some labor? Make the trade after they build things though… 🙂 Here’s me making mine in my friends kitchen on a lovely island called New Zealand. As of 2008 Washington State offers micro-distilling license for $100… tempting. This was just for fun though. It’s not serious. I thought it might be cool to try difference recipes and see I can make different kinds of liquor though.

This recipe was water, apple juice, sugar and yeast fermented to about 8% alcohol then distilled in this pot still.

The still is a “pot still” made from a 12 quart pressure cooker as the boiler and a 3/8″ copper pipe in a bucket as the condenser. After trying to load ice in the condenser bucket, I ended up making a water recirculating setup off the sink to keep things cool and me not doing much.

Blah Blah Blah.

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2 Responses

  1. Ya I’m used an electric stove for indoor use but a propane burner would work great in the back woods. It would be fun to make an old timey still out of copper sheets, picture a big copper pot, but copper so soooo expensive. What’s U-Vin mean? I do like to home brew also. similar equipment. Blackberry wine sounds awesome!

    Hey Margy check out this guys YouTube channel, he’s on Lasqueti Island. Loves his cedar shakes and is building a cabin on this small island. I think it’s somewhat near you in Powell River.

  2. Margy says:

    That looks a little more professional than a back woods still. In Powell River there are lots of u-vin, u-brew shops, and lots of people put up their own wine, especially with our local blackberries.