Epic ATV Ride to Secret Lake -Video


I call this an epic ATV mission because it felt that way. I kinda undersold it to the guys, we were planning our lunch by the lake for weeks without knowing HOW HARD the “road” was to get there. Google maps (can’t show you the location) showed a some kind of road which I knew was washed out in at least 1 spot (above). What lay on the other side of the wash out was 8-10 miles of mystery.

I knew there would be blown down trees so I made a DIY ATV Chainsaw mount for the quad the week before. It came in really handy, in truth we could have used a few more chainsaws and bigger ones than my 16″ Poulan.

Watch the video below, it’s a long one because it was 1 and half days spend clearing this trail and I had 3 cameras filming the journey.

The four wheelers / ATV’s on the mission were my 2006 Yamaha Bruin 4×4 quad and Brent’s 2007 Yamaha Wolverine 4×4. We switched on and off riding double.

chainsaw-mount-atv chainsaw-mount-atv

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3 Responses

  1. Yes! It would have been way faster! This summer when the weather is nice we might do it on foot or bicycle just to check it out. It would be cool to make a trail but it may be too much work…

  2. misty says:

    Looks as if walking in would have been faster.

  3. Cle says:

    Safety glasses would be a good idea. What fun in a beautiful place.