First Snow!


snow on cabin road

Nate and Fielding walking up from the gate

Went up this weekend and we had about 6 inches of snow at our place. We didn’t expecting any snow to be there but that doesn’t mean much I guess. We’re about 1700 feet. Nate, Aaron and Fielding came out just for the day. We setup the trail camera to see what we catch. Also we hauled back the rest of the valuables. I’d tell you where I hid the camera but that would defeat the purpose 😉 2 more are on the way. Also we got the stainless chimney up in the cabin. We reused almost all the parts from the yurt but the interior black stove pipe was too badly crushed in the yurt collapse and after beating on it for a few minutes it was clear it wasn’t going to work right and not leak. So next time I go up I’m bringing some new pipe.


wrecked wood stove

wrecked wood stove

chimney smoke stack through wall

Chimney with the support we built. Tin hat flashing still needs to be trimmed to make it look pretty. This is a "budget" install

With the snow that is falling on the mountain it gets harder and harder for people to get up there. Eventually cars won’t be able to get up there and the residents who do live on the mtn will have to walk out ( a few miles) or use a snow mobile or snow machine for Canadians. We did see a few people had staged their cars lower down the mountain in preparation for the coming snow.

Driving past our property I wanted so see how far I could make it up the mountain in the liberty. Right outside our driveway a guy had unloaded a snow mobile and headed up the mountain so I was the only vehicle going up besides his sled. I followed his tracks up another mile or so and the snow became about a foot deep and had to back down a steep section almost sliding into the ditch. Backing down we took a different road down the moutain and saw the sled tracks going under a heavy locked gate. I recognized the description of the gate as a guy who came down to our place in May panicking that his place just got ripped off. He had a large cabin probably more like a house but I never saw it. He said they cleaned up out, taking 4 truckloads worth of stuff and busting his wood gate in the process. He mentioned that he was having a custom gate welded up so i assume this was it.


Leaving with the boat working as a utility trailer. Exhaust is making a haze in the cold air.

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