History of Libertarian Countries at Sea & Ephemerisle

This is a somewhat random post but it is sort of related to small shelters and my interest in boating and all things on the water. This film maker, Jason Sussberg makes some beautiful short videos shot on 16mm and digital mediums, including these and one on Lloyd Kahn who writes the Shelter Book series that I posted last month.

Did you know there is a country called Sealand? I didn’t either but it’s part of the true story of pirate radio of the coast of England. A abandon WWII radar platform has been taken over my pirates and is now it’s own country.

An animated History of libertarian new country projects on the high seas. Patri Friedman of The Seasteading Institute narrates previous attempts of creating autonomous freeholds in international waters. by Jason Sussberg

Ephemerisle – I think this is like Burning man on the water. Stick with the video for a minute, it’s gets a lot better after the guy stops talking at the podium.

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2 Responses

  1. Ya good luck, I don’t live there anymore but I grew up there and friends who still do catch them all the time… When they are running that is. I’m not sure when that is either….

  2. Margy says:

    Thanks for the fishing tip. We know the bridge. That’s where we pulled out on our Skagit camping trip. Nice spot for parking and getting the kayak to the water. Add some salmon and you can’t go wrong. – Margy