Let there be light – Installing 12 volt Lights in Off Grid Cabin

On Memorial Day weekend we went up with a 2nd load of 2nd hand fir boards that used to panel a garage here in Seattle. Also loaded in the truck was a generator, a bunch of tools and a lot of electrical parts including our original deep cycle battery we used to keep in the shed.

We got a lot of work done, cleaned out the shed, installed the battery, put in some more wires, touched up the insulation downstairs then we started putting the paneling up. Oh we did have to take out the nails then rip off the tongues with a table saw. Tons of labor involved with getting 2nd hand wood but its worth it for us.

Please comment, let me know if anyone is reading this! haha

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5 Responses

  1. sola9986 says:

    Hi Froze, Your project sounds interesting. send a link to some photos if you have them.

    I used 14 gauge romex house wiring for most of the cabin lighting. It was the cheapest available. The lights are used 12v lights from boats or RV’s you can get them online the cheapest Ive seen or at RV/boat supplier even auto parts stores.

    We used solar panels to charge 2 deep cycle batteries that power the lights. Its so nice to have peace and quiet and be able to flick a switch for light.

  2. Froze says:

    I’ve been working on my old logging camp (5 nightmarish years and counting) 1920 built and unoccupied for 20 years in Maine mountains. Mold, new roof, windows, doors,sills, siding, footing, piers – if it wasn’t for those lakes might really have built new like you.
    Have to ask what size wiring are you using for that 12V power, and what type of lights. I know I can’t/won’t leave my 8800W Generator up there when I’m not there.
    But, really wouldn’t mind 12V battery and lights to cut down on my Humphrey propane chandelier and wall light usage during 4-season don’t want or need the generator always outings.


  3. Dianne says:

    Yes, people are reading this…

  4. Solar Burrito says:

    Good idea, I wish the emails showed the video.. I’ll put a note and a link in there next time.

  5. miranda says:

    Reading 🙂
    You may want to put a direct link in the email, to the video, and indicate it’s a video.