Secret Smoke Shack in Local Ski Area

smoke shake washington

Check out the smoke shack video tour below, sorry about the quality but I snowboarded in and only had my iphone.

So I stumbled upon this smoke hut in the woods of my local ski area (not telling where!) I had known it was on this particular mountain for a while but couldn’t find it until I got a tip. Just wanted to share it with you.

smoke shake washington

Some people had put some time into and and it was strong enough to withstand 1000’s of pounds of wet spring snow on the roof. The far wall is made of a huge solid rock.

smoke shake washington

The roof consisted of metal sheets covered with plastic supported by 4″ branches lashed together with twine. It was pretty amazing how much work someone put into this with hut since it was very far away from any road and had to be built in secret. The shack was decorated with lift tickets from around the world, left as mementos.

smoke shake washingtonThe snowboard swing was a nice touch. I didn’t test it. It seemed like I was sneaking into the Lost Boys lair while they were away so I didn’t touch anything!

photo 11

The clock in any self respecting smoke hut must be set to 4:20 at all times!

photo 14

The snow was a bit deep so it just opened the door and came in… It was a fun slide on the way in though!


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